Research & Analysis

An eCommerce website platform is incomplete if it is not properly planned. We cannot jump directly onto the implementation phase without a proper strategy. It’s with the proper eCommerce consultation that a proper strategy is formulated for the success of an ecommerce website. So the research and analysis is really important.

Ecommerce Research & Analysis

Cyermount performs extensively on the Research & Analysis phase for imparting a proper ecommerce consultation, so that the results are driven in an objective specific mode. We do consider each and every need and requirement of yours as per your business objective.

It’s only after understanding your requirement, we start to chalk out a proper strategy and plan via an extensive research and analysis.

Our Work

Our Process of Research & Analysis

Client Interaction, Brainstorming, and Interview

Interviewing the prospective client who wants to open up an ecommerce store

Enquiring about company vision, mission, branding, business goal, strategy so that we can go ahead with the right reasearch

Comprehensive Analysis and Understanding of the Target Audience

Understanding the target audience of the business owner

Demography and socio economic factors are analyzed

The buying behavior is understood

Thorough Business and Competition Analysis

The strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats for the products are analyzed

Detailed SEO Keywords Research

A detailed SEO keyword research analysis

Management of Business Objectives as well as Profitability Expectations

Business objectives are set

The work on completion of all those objectives is done

Profitability expectation chart is set

The Outcome

The results here are analyzed

On the basis of the results appropriate actions are taken