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To administer your website and services, chances are good you will have to use a control panel. A control panel is the administration portion of your web account. Control panels are a way for users to edit and manage content on their websites, e-mail accounts, page templates, data bases, web site statistics etc.

Back Doors (Control Panel)

The view, snapshot or summary of your account is the most important aspect to be noted. Over here you can get the precise idea of your account status with respect to the resources/functions you are utilizing and as well as your limitations.

The importance of a control panel is known to all, as it is the primary source of information for your website where you can take all the necessary actions and controls without using any additional software (including FTP) to upload files.

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Backdoor Features

Administrative Panels can be customized as per the specific requirements of the projects where as some of the common features might constitute of:

User Management

Product Management

Web Page Management using CMS

Authenticating User Profiles

SEO Management

Website Tracking

Email/Newsletter Manager

Photo Manager

Blog Manager

Backdoor (Control Panel) Development

The Cybermount's Control Panel works on an easy-to-navigate web automation interface. Navigating through its multiple sections has been facilitated to the maximum, so that you could quickly find the functionality you need at any given moment. The Control Panel memorizes all most commonly used functionalities and brings them to you anytime you access its interface.

As far as the very management process is concerned, Cybermount offers a great deal of features for efficient administration of the available website resources. Some of the most noteworthy administrative options include an auto-update mechanism and an auto-component updater, a migration manager, as well as a web-based installation for quick deployment.

The control panel which is delivered to you helps in making you self-sufficient and also concentrate on your core business so that you can deliver exceptional customer service. You also get the options for customization in case required by you.

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