Custom CMS Development

Sometimes even your website requires features which none of the existing CMS package can provide. Although there are numerous readymade CMS solutions but it happens quite often that you have very specific requirements towards your website’s functionality and operation and that can be done via proper Customized CMS Development.

Custom CMS Development

The category of a custom CMS development always depends on the nature of your website, its functionality and the services offered.

Sometimes your web site may need a kind of database design that is radically unique. In such a scenario, it is more convenient and advisable to build a customized CMS platform where custom systems and applications are programmed and developed which can change with the dynamics of your organization’s demands.

Our Work

CMS Development Process

Probing and communicating with the client for understanding the goals and objectives

Planning the structure of the custom CMS

Establishing timelines and development solutions

Designing the layout, custom programming and creating CMS

Testing the CMS working and functionality

Installing the necessary plugins and addons

SEO optimization of the CMS

The website approval from the client and its deployment

Custom CMS Development Service

We work with you at every phase, to understand your specific business needs and deliver our custom solutions accordingly. We help you in creating a customized technical architecture that best suits your maintenance needs and services required for your target clients.

Our Custom CMS Development Services have developed quite a few custom CMS platforms in our previous projects with reputed clients.

Our custom CMS development and integration services have helped in scaling and management of our clients' website contents. Our experienced CMS developers and programmers have developed a wide range of CMS solutions that include Forums, Blogs, Lite, ecommerce sites, Learning Management solutions, CMS based image galleries, CMS based Wiki development, Online Business Directory and Classified CMS, GUI and CMS development using a device API.

Our Services

Administering media releases

Banner ad rotator

Intuitive yet powerful interface

Integration with any payment gateway

Event management

Search engines supporting multiple language indexing

Custom built functionalities with scalable architecture

Planned data management and security protocols

Gateway to in-house and external systems

Managing media releases

Administering image galleries, online surveys and forms

Posting job vacancies and collecting and archiving resumes

Comprehensive support/maintenance services for a long term association

Calculator applications

Complete e-commerce solution

Business workflow incorporation