Why Hire a moving service ?


Why to Hire a moving service ?

Sometimes we do too much thinking about doing things we think we could easily do our self's, The thing about moving is that it seems like the most easiest task right? No Moving can be very tiring, stress-full and time consuming, Hiring a moving service will help you get your move out of the way, and give you time to concentrate on all other things that come with a move like cleaning and sanitizing, re decorating and a million other things, here are a few tips on why we recommend to hire a professional moving service.

How to pick the right moving company-

  • A tip on choosing the perfect moving service is to always check for you’re local listings of movers, Or if your friends and family have used a moving service its always a good idea to check with them before hiring someone new asking friends or family of references of services that they have used usually is good since it will either be a good recommendation or a bad one,Checking for reviews of the services provided is always a good idea too people usually express there experience with a service on reviews and you can choose the one with the best reviews and a 5 star rating

What to look for in a moving service-

  • Usually when you hire your local moving service you get a dedicated moving truck which means your items are loaded one time and unloaded one time this will decrease the chances of your items being damaged, lost, or mishandled, Your local moving service will also always have a dedicated team that has been with them for a while and are very hard working caring and trust worthy, when hiring a service you are able to ask for licence and credentials of your moving service to make sure everything is in order and they do follow DOT ( Department of Transportation) regulations.

What kind of truck will be used ?

  • The trucks used are usually 26ft trucks to make sure they’re is enough space for everything in your household to be transported comfortably and with enough space so items are not squished or crowded, You are able to ask this to the mover to ensure that the truck that will be used is allowed on the the street that items will be picked up and loaded from and at the place of delivery, if this is not a truck size that is allowed, that is no issue movers usually do provide a long carry or even a shuttle of course this is with an additional costs please make sure to ask these questions to your customer service reps so you do not have any surprise fees.

The moving crew-

  • A moving team consists of usually a driver , and 2 movers, usually the driver fills out paper work and supervises the moves and is the operations manager/supervisor, this is the person who will provide details of what is the order the items will be loaded and unloaded and the process of the move, the team members will be the ones who will be doing the measuring of doors and furniture also safely wrap furniture, The crew members are individuals who enjoy they’re job and that’s why they where chosen to be part of the team, They will provide the best customer service and prioritize in making the move the best and easy non stress-full experience possible this is by paying attention to what the customer is asking to be done if there is any specific way things need to be done or arranged this will definitely be taken into consideration your movers will provide fast , safe, & reliable services or the customes satisfaction!

We so hope these tips help for your next or upcoming move

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