The Importance of Organizing Your Move

You’ve made the decision and you’ve secured your moving company (wink wink Stress Free Moving wink wink) – you’re moving! Yay! It’s exciting!!

But what happens when the excitement wear off and you are left to begin planning your move?! When it all feels overwhelming, where do you start?

The first piece of the moving puzzle is to get organized. Give yourself a few weeks to plan and organize before your move. The last thing you want to do is scramble around the night before… or worse yet, not pre-plan or organize at all.

Now you may be saying “Noe, I know that organization is important when I move.. but what exactly does it mean to be organized?”… well let me explain:

You will organize your items by importance – what is going with you, what you are donating, and what you are recycling and throwing away. Ideally, begin sorting before you begin packing. But if you cannot, that is okay. The goal here is to move with you only the things you need and want most. You will save time in the long run by removing unwanted and damaged items before you move.

When packing – label your boxes. We have addressed the importance of labeling boxes in a previous blog post. Check it out here: (link to BLOG post).

Organization when it comes to moving is importance because you eliminate the chance of frustration or miscommunication for the movers. When you organize before they arrive, the movers will know exactly where the boxes, items, and furniture go without having to stop and ask every 5 seconds.

And did you know that Stress Free Moving Services will also haul away your junk?! (Now you know).

When you make sure the “junk pile” is labeled, you are one step ahead. You allow for the movers to quickly, efficiently, and successfully get rid of the items that are not going with you.

It’s not just the packing and moving boxes that should be organized, but also the current space (home, building, office, etc). Make sure to provide a clean, organized, and clear walking path for your movers to enter and exit.

We have seen a difference of 4 hours in working time when moving a home that is organized (2 hour move) vs unorganized (6 hour move).

You will find that a little bit goes a long ways when it comes to organizing for your move. The more you begin to organize the easier it will become – it’s a ripple.

When you are organized for your move, you will find that not only are your movers a lot happier and less stressed, so are you. And that’s a good thing, don’t you agree?

– Noe Salazar