The Importance of Labeling Boxes

Have you ever moved? Moved houses, moved buildings? Moved anything that required packing your belongs into boxes? Chances are – you are nodding your head yes.

And you might also be nodding your head in agreement when I say that moving can be a bit stressful and even unpredictable at times.

Even still – you can stay in control of many aspects of the move and together we can make your moving process much more efficient, and dare I say – enjoyable. Stick with me here.

One of the biggest time savers I am going to share with you when it comes to packing your boxes for a move – Labeling Boxes.

You have hired the moving company (wink wink Stress Free Moving Company wink wink) and they are there for you. We’ll do the heavy lifting – you just tell us where the boxes need to you.

When you label your boxes – write the future destination on all sides. This ensures that the movers you have hired know the exact location before arriving to the new spot. Once there, the movers can quickly and efficiently bring the boxes in – not much thinking required, just swift action.

Did you know that on average, movers waste 5 seconds, per load, to stop and ask “where do you want this?”. Multiply 5 seconds by each trip to the moving truck and you can see that this wasted time adds up.

For an easy, fast, and organized move – take the time when you are packing to label your boxes.