It's Spring Cleaning Season!

With springtime, comes spring cleaning. Getting rid of unwanted items that have been taking up space can be a hassle. Stress-Free Moving Services is here to help. Here are a few ways to get organized and get rid of some of those unwanted items that have been taking up space.

Step 1: Making a checklist of the items you want to throw away, donate or move to a different spot will make it easier for you and your movers. The organization is key to a successful spring cleaning.

Step 2: Tag your items with a donation, dump, or a place they will be moved to. If possible keep all items going to the same place together. the easier you can make it for your movers the more money and time you can save.

Step 3: You have your list now and you've tagged your items. You can direct the movers where you need your items to go. Whether it's to junk, donate, or to move to a different place. Your movers will carefully and safely move your items and get rid of any unwanted items safely and properly.

Stress-Free Moving Services will take care of you. whether it's a donation haul, junk haul, or a move. We can save you from the stress of moving it all. Contact Stress-Free Moving Services and get your Spring Cleaning booked with us.