How to Save Money on Your Next Move

Are you looking to lower the cost of your next move? Here are some helpful tips and tricks for you and your family to keep cost down and stress low.

1. Have everything boxed up and ready to go. Plan your time and packing in advance. While some people wait until the last minute and rely on movers to help pack your boxes, this costs you extra money that can be avoided. Plan. Ask family and friends for unused boxes and make sure when the movers arrive, everything is ready to go. This is a huge cost savings for you and your family.

2. Keep your space organized. Have your boxes and smaller furniture away from the doorway. The less movers must move your belongings away from the doorway when getting big stuff, the easier and faster it is to pack into the truck. The faster we are the more money you save.

3. Take what you can. Most boxes and bags of clothes can fit into personal vehicles. Although you may have to go back and forth a few times, the extra room, time, and mover trips helps in the long run. When there is less stuff for the mover to pack you save time and money.

While some movers may not want to save you time and money, we are committed to doing just that. Our goal is a happy customer who stresses less and is able to focus on the joy of their new home.