How to Pick and Pack the Right Box For Your Items

Imagine with me, for a moment, the perfect world. In the moving industry, one aspect of the perfect world would the use of one, universal box for moving. Wouldn’t it also be nice if we could pack all of our items in the box they came in, packing materials and all. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world, and these things don’t happen. Sure, we may have a good box because “it’s a good box” (if you’re an adult, you know what I’m talking about). If we kept every box an item came in, we wouldn’t have a place to live in our homes, so instead we get rid of them. The concept of a universal box is great, but in real life we have items of all different sizes, shape, and weight.

Since we don’t live in the perfect moving world, it is important to find the right size box for the items you are packing to move. This can be a bit challenging though. Continue reading for a couple tips on how to pick the right box for your items.

 First you want to pre-plan. It is best to keep like items together, and then find a box that will fit your items snug. This will ensure that things don’t bounce around, reducing the chance for damages and breaks.

When it comes to packing fragile items it is important to take extra caution. Once you have determined the size of box needed, you will want to put some “fill” on the bottom of your box (shredded paper or kraft crinkle shred for gift baskets work great). Don’t use all the fill that you have yet. Then, securely wrap your valuables in a soft material (blankets, clothing, socks). Next, as you place the fragile items in the box, add fill around them. This will help take up space in the box and prevent items from moving around.

When it comes to packing your items in moving boxes it can be time consuming (and a bit messy) but in the long run, you (and your items) will be thankful for the extra time and attention. None of us are perfect and there may be times when we don’t get to pack everything as we would in an ideal world but when you remember this simple tips, you will be on your way to a successful and less stressful move (for you and your hired movers).