How To: Pack the Truck

If you have ever moved by yourself before, you know the jigsaw puzzle that can come with packing your vehicle. The frustration is certainly real, we see you. But what if I told you that you could move without the frustrating challenge of packing your vehicle?

When you hire a moving company, the expert movers are master puzzle finishers and pack the boxtruck, with boxes and awkward shaped object, like it’s their job! (Oh wait… it is :)).

We like to think of packing the moving truck as a live version of the game Tetris. You know, the classic game we used to play as young kids, that takes into account geometrical shapes and you have to mindfully work to get them into even lines. Oh, the nostalgia is real with that one.

But I digress, back to packing the truck…

To begin, your movers will pack the truck with a row of big, bulky items, think the sofa bed mattress.

And on top of the mattress and in small crevices, the movers will then pack the small boxes, bags, rugs, and lose items.

When one row is finished, the movers will start another row. And the process continues on until all items are securely packed into the boxtruck.


To save space, you will notice that the movers may stack large items and furniture on top of each other. If this is necessary, items will be wrapped separately (to make sure that no scratching happens) and each item will be secured in place to prevent shifting during transportation.

Large, bulky items are packed first and then smaller boxes and totes.

Big and heavy items will be placed on the bottom with smaller and lighter items on top.

Here is where the effort you put into labeling all of your boxes, especially the fragile ones, comes into play. Your movers will take caution to pack the fragile items last – and these will be the first times out of the truck upon arrival at your final destination.

Before leaving, your movers will do one final walk-through to make sure that no items are left behind.