How To: Move Fragile Items - the Grand Father Clock

When it comes to moving you fragile items, we understand that it can feel a bit scary. There is so much that you are worried about: don’t bump items into the walls, making sure items don’t break during the move, how to properly wrap and pack fragile items. The list goes on. 

We are here to remind you: moving your fragile items does not have to be a scary thing!

When you hire a professional moving company, their knowledge and expertise comes in handy. 

Take for example: moving a Grand Father Clock. 

If you have a Grand Father Clock at home, you know just how large, heavy, and fragile the overall piece is with many small parts inside. This beautiful masterpiece needs to be handled with care, patience, and a steady hand. (Good thing the movers at Stress Free Moving Services have all three!) 

The movers you have hired will make sure that your clock is properly wrapped and secured during the move. Upon arrival, your movers will have the correct tools and equipment to get the job done efficiently and with precision.

First, the movers will disconnect the weights and pendulum and wrap these items with bubble wrap and sandwich them tight between blankets, to make sure that nothing shifts around during the moving process.


Next, the movers will wrap the Grand Father Clock in bubble wrap, saranwrap, and blankets from top to bottom. This will ensure that the large body of the clock is safe and secure.

Using their communication skills, the movers will then work together, with patience and a steady hand, to bring the clock to the moving truck. Carefully, the clock will be lifted and put into place inside of the truck.

Once inside of the truck, the Grand Father Clock is tied down against the wall. Your movers will make sure that there are no loose items near and around your clock.

Finally, at the drop off location, your movers will once again use their communication skills, steady hands, and patience to bring the clock out of the truck and placed into the desired location.