How To: Create a Business That Serves a Need

Stress Free Moving Services started as a two-man show: my brother and me. We would help people we knew move. Honestly, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Stress Free Moving Services was born out of the desire to help others. In the beginning there were times when we would work well into the night to make sure the job was done. We started out slow. We had so much to learn. But we never gave up. With each move we got better, stronger, faster, and more efficient. After a few months, my brother returned to his previous job, and I turned to my dad for help. Less than a year in business, my dad and I were helping an elderly lady with her junk removal in Rockford, Mi. She was so kind and curious. We got to talking and she asked about Stress Free Moving Services. She asked questions like: when did you start your business? why did you start your company? and what does it mean to you? I’m going to tell you the same thing I told her: Stress Free Moving Services was started on July 1, 2018. At the time of this move in Rockford, we had been in business for 9 months.

I choose to start a moving company not because the type of work was my favorite, but because of the rewards I felt after every move. The physical, mental, emotional challenges provided me the opportunities for deep reflection. Physically, I was happy to help other people move, especially the items that they found too heavy or bulky. This act of service is incredibly rewarding, to know that I made an impact on sometimes life, even if only for that moment. Mentally, in previous blog posts I share how packing a moving truck is a lot like the game of Tetris. There is a mental challenge involved to figure out how to move large, bulky, heaving, fragile, and meaningful items into and out of places without damaging them at any point during the transportation. Talk about pressure! (But this is where I thrive. I enjoy the mental challenge). Emotionally, there is a different level of emotions involved in every move. I am humbled and honored to be a part of so many life stories. Sometimes I am told the history or memories of certain items. I can feel the connection people have, making these more than just “things” being moved.

To me, Stress Free Moving Services means accomplishment. I take great pride in completing a job. We took these items and brought them to their next phase of life. And this is true for me to. I took an idea, a blank canvas (or an empty moving truck so to speak) and transformed it into something beautiful and meaningful. Maya Angelou was right – I have since forgotten her name, but I will never forget how this kind, elderly lady made me feel. I still have the framed, inspirational quote she gave to me after we completed the junk removal. It’s a poem by Bonnie L. Mohr – called “Living Life”. At the time I had no idea what the poem was, I had never heard it before, but this kind lady had me read it aloud, and to this day – it resonates with my life and business.

My team and I are honest and hard working. Although I don’t go to church very often, I do have time for prayer. I now have this quote hanging on my wall and every morning when I get ready for the day, I take time to read it and try my best to live this quote. I will forever be thankful and extend gratitude to the kind lady in Rockford who gave this to me.